teichmann 2019
                                                                                                                                                installation view Brennecke Fine Art, Berlin

Lars Teichmann is a berlin based artist. His work is well known for unique large paintings.  
His works are placed in international private and public collections and shown in museums,
biennales and galleries

In his early childhood, he already fled into his own childlike imagery.
Often he sat in his grandparents' bed with paint blocks and pens.
It was like his first studio. - Protective and yet infinitely far.

 When he was a young boy of the age of 12 years- he startet a early carreer in the graffiti art szene.
After he was well known there, he cut of the relationship to the szene and he began to ran his own painting studio with the age of 18 years.

With the age of 21 years, he went to Berlin to study art & painting under Wolfgang Petrick, Daniel Richter and Valerie Favre.
Since this time, he  keeps a lot of cooperations with other artist and musicans.

His paintings are shown in important museums and biennals.Like the Venice Biennale or Berlinsche Galerie Museum für Gegenwartskunst - for examaple.

Under the name TSOLT he release experimental music and video material.

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 In his pictures the painter Teichmann (born 1980 in Burgstädt) refers to many different eras. He plays with the viewer's perception and the individual and collective visual memory. Teichmann selects images that captivate him and then he follows this fascination. In his works he combines opposites such as traditional painting and contemporary, gestural freedom with the interest in the characteristics of color.
The templates range from baroque portraits of classical rider images and selected works of French salon painting to Japanese prints. In his works Teichmann refers very explicitly to these images, citing their composition, but reduces the color palette and omits details - in favor of an expressive, wild painting.
Teichmann’s faces consist only of bright spots, whose materiality is clearly visible. At least as an image type, the viewer is often familiar with the template, but the elimination of individuality draws the attention to formal aspects of painting. The figure is always recognizable but remains shadowy and unfathomable as a clue or a ghostly shadow - very present and very distant at the same time.

Teichmann is always looking for the unwritten rules by which an image works. He follows the thesis that paintings that have casted their spell at people for centuries, have something in common - an aura.